ALGIERS – Tuesday, 24 October 2023 (APS) – Algeria has received trainees from several African countries as part of its commitment to the principle of African cooperation and implementation of the South-South cooperation strategy, according to a press release from the Ministry of Vocational Training and Education on Tuesday.

 “Since October, 19th, 2023, Algeria has received trainees from several African States, as part of the enshrinement of the principle of African cooperation under the common interest rule and the achievements of the goals of South-South cooperation strategy, and under the agreements sealed between the sector of vocational training with some African States. This cooperation is also part of the human resource qualification policy under the aegis of the Minister of Vocational Training and Education, Yacine Merabi,” said the source.

According to the same source, these trainees represent the State of Burkina Faso (17 trainees), the Republic of Niger (16 trainees), as well as the Republic of Senegal (4 trainees), pending the arrival of a delegation from the Republic of Chad (10 trainees), starting this Tuesday, October 24.

Through its executives and civil servants, the sector “ensures that African trainees enjoy all the hospitality conditions necessary to benefit from an internship in tune with modernity, to achieve the development of the black continent and strengthen the common African dimension.”

Some 563 trainees from various African countries will be received according to a program drawn up by “the Vocational Training and Education sector, to undergo constructive training in different specializations in tune with modernity and spread over various facilities.”