Any Algerian national residing in Croatia, registered with our consular services, can claim the establishment or renewal of a passport.

The new passport is to be collected by the person himself/herself when possible.

The electronic biometric passport application package includes:

– the form completed and signed by the person concerned or by the legal guardian for minors, to which it is attached:

  • the extract of the special birth certificate n° 12-S of the person concerned, issued on a special form;
  • the valid Consular Registration card;
  • Proof of legal residence abroad;
  • Work certificate or certificate of enrolment for students or school children;
  • four (4) identity photos in color, recent, identical and meeting the required biometric standards, including one to be scanned;
  • Copie of blood type card
  • Payment of the passport fees (6,000 Algerian dinars for adults and 3,000 Algerian dinars for minors – the amount in kunas depends on the daily exchange rate)
  • The expired passport

The presence of the applicant over twelve (12) years old is compulsory for the submission of the file, the enrollment of fingerprints and the digitized signature.

The conformity of the constituent parts of the application file submitted for minors under twelve (12) years old is certified by the Consular service.

Documents to provide for passport renewal:

  • Presentation of the Consular Registration Card
  • Return of the expired passport
  • A married or divorced woman must provide a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate, as the case may be.
  • Three (03) recent identity photographs of the same print size
  • Proof of activity
  • Proof of address
  • Payment of the same fees as for the first passport establishment

Documents to be provided in case of deterioration or loss of passport:

  • Declaration of loss or theft of passport to the police authorities of the place of residence
  • Declaration of loss or theft of passport to the consular services of the Embassy