NEW YORK – Friday, 25 March 2022 (APS) – Algeria has called for compliance with the fundamental rules and principles of the international humanitarian law in the Ukrainian crisis “without discrimination” when dealing with the human suffering.


Algeria has also called the Security Council to “fulfill its fundamental responsibilities” to maintain international peace and security and to cooperate “for the international peace and security in accordance with the United Nations Charter,” affirmed Algeria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Nadir Larbaoui in an explanatory statement on Algeria’s voting on the French-Mexican draft resolution, read during the extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly, held Thursday in New York.

“Algeria expresses its deep concern over the worsening of the crisis in Ukraine and its effects on the humanitarian situation, becoming a tragic reality which requires, more than ever, the compliance by all with the fundamental rules and principles of the international humanitarian law which define the international commitments in this field, notably the Geneva Conventions of 1949, the Additional Protocol of 1977 and the international human rights law. In this regard, Algeria urges the Security Council to fulfill its main responsibilities in terms of mainlining the international peace and security, and the cooperation ofr peace in the world, in accordance with the United Nations Charter,” said Larbaoui.

“Algeria reaffirms its commitment to the principles and goals of the United Nations Charter and to the rules of the international law based on the respect of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the States as well as the mutual compliance with the international obligations and security guarantees,” he added.

“Algeria also stresses the importance of intensifying the diplomatic efforts to put an end to the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and reiterates its support to the efforts aimed to ease tensions through dialogue and negotiations, the only way to resolve the crisis and stop the bloodshed and handle the tragic humanitarian aspects, without discrimination when dealing with the human suffering in order to ensure security, safety and stability of the region’s peoples and countries,” he concluded.