ALGIERS – Friday, 06 January 2023 (APS) – Minister of Tourism and Craft Industry Yacine Hamadi affirmed Thursday, in Algiers, that his department is working on developing tourism activity through the strengthening of reception structures, development of services and the promotion in order to attract tourists.


In his reply to oral questions asked by deputies of the People’s National Assembly on dealing with thermal spas in Bouira, the tourist sites and craft industry in Menea, in addition to the strengthening of tourism projects in Jijel, the minister said that his sector “is working on strengthening tourism investments by giving the investors incentives to execute their projects according to scientific standards and to improve the quality of their services.”

“We noted that most of Algerian tourists chose, last year, to spend their holidays in their country, thanks to the competitive prices, availability of reception structures and the quality of services,” said Hamadi.

The minister insisted on “the importance of backing the partnership with all the players to revive tourism sector,” underlining “the forthcoming activation of the National Tourism Council.”

He also stressed the necessity of establishing a loyal competition between the different operators and the revision of the laws governing the sector.

He said that “tourism orientation law and different other texts related to tourism activity are currently being revised,” the minister emphasized “the importance of boosting the destination Algeria and strengthening the promotion, by generalizing the use of modern ICTs.”