ALGIERS – Tuesday, 31 October 2023 (APS) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf affirmed Tuesday in Algiers that the responsibility for putting an end to Zionist strikes on the Gaza Strip “lies entirely with the Security Council,” stressing that this war “constitutes only an advanced stage in the process of expansion of the occupation.”

“The responsibility for ceasing the Zionist strikes on the Gaza Strip and the tyranny and barbarism of the Zionist occupier, and for guaranteeing international protection for the Palestinian people, lies entirely with the Security Council, which cannot, under any circumstances and any pretext, evade it, nor free itself from the impact behind its inability to act to put an end to this historical injustice against the Palestinian people, which has gone on for far too long,” said Attaf.

Attaf was speaking at an extraordinary session of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) in response to the serious developments in the Gaza Strip.

“These strikes are only a further step in the process of expansion and recrudescence of the Zionist occupation, one of whose leaders “brandished, a few weeks ago, from the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly, a map that completely obscures Palestine and re-establishes the Greater Israel project”, continued Attaf.

According to the FM, “the strikes now raining down on Gaza, its iniquitous siege and the massacres of its population, are not the result of the events of October 7. This aggression is merely the result of so much impunity and complacency towards the Zionist occupation, which is relishing its violations and excesses, flouting all customs, laws and international charters.”

The Zionist strikes on Gaza “are the result of the absence of a sincere international political will to settle the Palestinian cause, a cause that has long been marginalized, denigrated and even obscured from the international community’s agenda over the last two decades, without any serious peace initiative since the 90s.”