ALGIERS – Monday, 25 September 2023 (APS) – The seawater desalination plant of Corso, Boumerdes (50 km east of Algiers), has been operating in full production capacity (80,000 m³ a day) since Sunday, the Algerian Energy Company (AEC), a subsidiary of Sonatrach, said in a statement.

After the completion of the mechanical stages and testing, with the verification of safety measures and compliance with standards, the seawater desalination plant of Corso started operating in full production capacity, that is 80,000 m³ a day on Sunday morning, the statement said.

Before reaching this final stage, the plant supplying the two provinces of Algiers and Boumerdes, had been operating partially since July 4th.

“The group Sonatrach, through its subsidiary the Algerian Energy Company has thus achieved full production capacity in line with the seawater desalination emergency programme (Sea 2021),” the statement added.

The company said the plant was a challenge met by the domestic experts of Sonatrach, who “have shown great mastery in all stages of the project until the operational phase.”

The seawater desalination plant of Corso is “the third plant to be built and run by Algerian executives,” the statement concluded.