ALGIERS – Sunday, 04 December 2022 (APS) – Minister of the Knowledge Economy, Startups and Micro-enterprises Yacine El Mahdi Oualid took part Saturday, in Rome (Italy), in the 8th Rome Med-Mediterranean Dialogues where he reviewed Algeria’s experience in knowledge economy and startups.


In a workshop entitled “the investment in the Middle Eastern and North African region (MENA),” the minister presented to the participants Algeria’s experience in this field as it is “a wealth and job creating field,” the ministry said in a statement.

In this regard, the minister focused on all the procedures and steps taken by the Algerian government to encourage the entrepreneurship, aimed mainly at establishing an environmental system enabling innovative young project holders to achieve their projects, presenting on this occasion figures related to the achievements of the sector.

He also dealt with the reality of investment in Algeria and “the great stride achieved this year, notably with the adoption of a new law on the investment.”

In this regard, he emphasized the advantages, protection as well as the legislative and legal stability from which the investors could benefit under this law, adding that Algeria has launched a broad economic programme in order to diversify the incomes of the non-hydrocarbon national economy through an array of sectoral policies and guidelines based on an adaptation to the developments of the international economy.

Taking part in the workshop, focusing on the specificities relating to the MENA region in terms investment and business climate, Oualid said that “the reality related to the region’s stability has a direct effect on the quantity and nature of investments,” adding that the current international circumstances have also a direct impact on the region’s economic reality in all the fields.