ORAN – Sunday, 12 November 2023 (APS) – The architect, researcher and associate professor at the university of Science and Technology of Oran “Mohamed Boudiaf” (USTO), Dr. Dalila Senhadji has won the Hypatia International Award at the Biennale of architectural and Urban Restoration in Florence, Italy, for her outstanding academic career, the academician said Saturday.

In its 6th edition, Hypatia International Awards at the Biennale of Architectural and Urban Restoration, in the Italian city of Florence, was awarded last October to Dr. Senhadji for her outstanding research, her over 20-year academic career in teaching architectural history, in addition to her engagement in different international projects on urban planning and architecture.

Dalila Senhadji is among the first or even the first researcher in Algeria since 2003 to have worked on religious heritage and wins this international award. Her research deals mainly with religious architectural heritage during the Arab, Spanish, Ottoman and French periods.

The researcher is currently working on the history of colonial domestic architecture in Algeria, she told APS (Algeria Press Service.)

With a background in architecture and as an associate professor in the Department of Architecture, at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the university of Science and Technology of Oran, she holds a degree in architecture, a master’s and a PhD in architecture specializing in Heritage.