ALGIERS – Tuesday, 14 November 2023 (APS) – Representatives of Palestinian factions in Algeria on Tuesday hailed Algeria’s unwavering position, under the leadership of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in support of the Palestinian people, calling on all free men of the world to support the Palestinian resistance in order to continue the struggle against the Zionist occupier.

At a meeting of the Algerian body of parties supporting Palestine with representatives of Palestinian factions in Algeria, held at the headquarters of the Movement of Society for Peace (MSP) in Algiers, the participants welcomed the position of Algerian political parties in favour of the Palestinian cause, This was in line with the country’s official position and the role played by parliamentary diplomacy in terms of the humanitarian and health aid that Algeria has been providing in support of the resistance of the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip, which has been subjected to barbaric Zionist aggression since 7 October.

Speaking on this occasion, the representative of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas in Algeria, Youcef Hamdane, said that the Palestinian resistance needed the support of the entire Arab-Muslim nation, stressing that “the cause is not only that of the Palestinians, but of all the free men of the world, Arabs and Muslims.”

In this light, he called for reflection on the situation in Palestine, which requires unification, welcoming Algeria’s inalienable position in favour of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people.

The Hamas representative in Algeria pointed out that the Zionist occupation is trying to show that what is happening in the Gaza Strip is an achievement, but “it is nothing but suicide and occupation (…) it is in fact going through a crisis and is suffering heavy losses that it is not declaring. It can neither advance nor retreat”.

 In this regard, he said that all the plans of the Zionist occupier and the countries supporting it had failed. “They have not been able to break the Palestinian resistance or put an end to the Palestinian people rallying around their resistance, which justifies the latest relative change in the position of the US Administration.”

For his part, the representative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Algeria, Nader El-Qissi, stated that “What has been taken by force can only be restored by force.” This is why “as Palestinian factions, we demand support for the resistance on the ground by all means.”

He also stressed “the existence of a strong popular momentum in Ghaza in favour of the Palestinian resistance,” pointing out that “since the beginning of the operation called ‘El Aqsa Flood’, there has been close coordination between the Palestinian resistance factions with a view to relaunching their activities in the West Bank.”

After hailing the position of Algeria, its leaders and its people, in favour of the Palestinian people and its just cause, Mr El-Qissi “strongly criticised” the positions of certain Arab countries which “have proved their partiality in the service of their own interests,” far removed from the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Moreover, Mohamed Al-Hamami, representative of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Algeria, highlighted the “courageous positions” taken by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, in support of the central Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people. He also praised the honourable positions of the Algerian people.

Al-Hamami condemned the Zionist occupation which, after its failures in the face of Palestinian resistance, has targeted innocent Gaza civilians.

He was indignant at the inertia of the normalising Arab countries, saying that “they could at least put an end to relations with the Zionist entity.”

These countries, added Al-Hamami, “give precedence to their interests with the West, hence their variable geometry positions.”

The “Flood of El Aqsa” operation was carried out to defend the right of Palestinians to establish an independent Palestinian state, to protect the holy sites, the Al Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, and to fight back against the daily aggressions of Zionist settlers and the policies of the Zionist extremists, said Al-Hamami.

The body, which is closely monitoring the plight of the Palestinians and the Resistance, victims of the siege imposed and international relentlessness, and after assessing the Arab and international positions on the issue, reiterated its unwavering position in favour of the Palestinian cause, pledging to take action at all levels to put an end to Zionist aggression.