ALGIERS – Tuesday, 17 October 2023 (APS) – Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane affirmed Tuesday, in Algiers, the government’s commitment to preserving the State’s social character and providing support to vulnerable groups, in enshrinement of social justice.

When presenting the government’s general policy statement before the members of the Council of the Nation, in a plenary session chaired by the Council’s speaker Salah Goudjil, in the presence of ministers, Benabderrahmane said that “the government, and to ensure an efficient social policy, has committed to enshrining the rooted constitutional principle of the Algerian State, and to preserving the social character which guarantees the support of vulnerable groups, implementing more equity and social justice.”

In this respect, he added that the government has placed, among its priorities, “the preservation of the citizens’ purchasing power to spare them the consequences of the international disturbances and serious climate changes which affected all the economies of the world, and which are behind the increases in prices of widely consumed products.”

The Prime minister said “the direct social transfers increased in the State’s budget for 2023 to reach DZD2,714 billion, i.e. up by DZD178 billion (18.45%) of the State’s budget for this year.” The government has also “elaborated a draft executive decree fixing the profit margins of wide consumer products.”

In this regard, he emphasized the commitment “to supporting the allowance schemes of some groups, increasing the possibility of benefiting from a house and public services, in addition to the significant rise in the salaries of the civil service which affected 2.8 million employees and contract workers.”