ALGIERS – Friday, 09 December 2022 (APS) – The State has placed, in the past three years, a particular emphasis on the national community abroad, through important measures aimed to strengthen its ties with the homeland and involve it, as a force of influence and proposal, in Algeria’s development process, in implementation of the commitments of President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune.


These commitments aim at the protecting the national community established abroad and promoting its participation in the national revival.

For that purpose, several initiatives have been launched for the national community abroad, to build communication bridges with its members, and provide conditions enabling them to adapt to the political and economic changes that Algeria is experiencing, and to contribute to the elaboration of the different national policies.

As part of this vision, President Tebboune underlined, several times, the special interest that the State attaches to dealing with the concerns of the Algerian community abroad and to protecting its interests, while welcoming the “honorable” national positions of its members in difficult circumstances.

In this regard, President of the Republic is keen to meet with the members of the national community to listen to their concerns and know their aspirations and expectations, a tradition that marks his official visits to several countries.

The community’s representatives expressed, in direct meetings with the President of the Republic, their willingness to join the launched initiatives, welcoming this move, amongst others, which set them on an equal footing with their compatriots in Algeria.

For his part, President Tebboune hailed “the strong willingness” of the community’s members to contribute to the collective efforts made by Algeria as part of the comprehensive development process, hence “the need to implement the appropriate mechanisms to supervise this operation,” underlining that he “refuses to dash the hopes of young people wishing to build the future of their country.”

In line with this particular interest granted to the Algerians based abroad and concerned about maintaining a permanent contact with them, the President of the Republic created the post of special envoy for the national community abroad.

In this regard, President Tebboune called on the diplomatic representations abroad to constantly communicate with the members of the community, by providing them with toll-free numbers and direct communication channels in order to properly deal with their concerns and protect their interests.