ALGIERS – Sunday, 03 December 2023 (APS) – The work and inspection visit by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, last Thursday to the province of Tindouf was an opportunity to emphasize the importance of creating added value, particularly in mining activities.

On this occasion, President Tebboune announced the creation of a free zone between Tindouf and Mauritania in the first half of the coming year.

 A documentary, broadcasted on Saturday night on the Algerian Television, under the title “Gara Djebilet … Launch of the Project of the Century,” emphasized the assertion of the President of the Republic, when laying the foundation stone for Gara Djebilet’s primary iron ore processing plant project, of the need to “permanently eliminate the exportation of raw materials, be it for iron ore or other materials, given the importance of their processing to bring about added value.”

The President of the Republic further affirmed to the companies’ representatives, who are responsible for mining operations and related projects, that the processing of raw materials could “increase project profitability and create jobs with a view to achieving development.”

The iron ore processing plant is part of promoting and exploiting the mine, one of the largest in the world in terms of reserves, with nearly 3.5 billion tons of iron ore. It is set to have a production capacity of 2 to 3 million tons annually in the initial stage 2022-2025.

The State’s strong determination to launch the Gara Djebilet mine project was emphasized, given its strategic nature, in addition to the Gara Djebilet-Bechar railway line spanning over 950 km, primarily designed for transporting iron ore.

In his meeting with the province’s civil society representatives and notables, the President of the Republic, at the end of the visit, announced a complementary development program from which Tindouf’s province will soon benefit.

This program will be included during the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister Nadir Larbaoui, aiming to “boost development in the region and ensure prosperity for the citizens,” President Tebboune said.

For him, Tindouf will be “a genuine industrial pole, bringing about jobs and providing a new impetus to development.”

Being the gateway to West Africa, the province of Tindouf is to see the creation of a free trade zone with Mauritania, following the opening of the border crossing, named Mustapha Benboulaid Martyr.

President Tebboune said that this economic and commercial space would be created before the end of the first semester of next year. He further pledged to find solutions to all the daily concerns facing the province in housing and water resources.

The President of the Republic stressed that “Algeria has regained its place, thanks to Allah, to men and the People’s National Army, after a period of recession, plundering and corruption.”

In the field of Health, President Tebboune said that the province is in need of a modern and equipped hospital, noting that the study of the project will soon be completed on the occasion of the upcoming visit of the Minister of Health to the province, in preparation of launching the construction works of this health facility.

In this regard, the President of the Republic pledged to ensure all the resources and conditions for doctors wishing to practice in the province of Tindouf, “while doubling their salaries.”