ALGIERS – Wednesday, 05 July 2023 (APS) – The president of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, on Wednesday launched and inaugurated many development projects as part of a working and inspection visit to the provinces of Algiers, Boumerdes and Tipaza, coinciding with the celebration of the 61st anniversary of the Independence and Youth Day.


The president of the Republic, who was accompanied by the chief of staff of the People’s National Army, General Saïd Chanegriha, and members of the government, started the visit in Cap Djinet, Boumerdes, where he laid the foundation stone of a seawater desalination plant, with a production capacity of 300,000 m3 a day, which will improve the drinking water supply in the provinces of Boumerdes and Algiers.

In Fouka, Tipaza, the president of the Republic laid the first stone for another seawater desalination plant, named “Fouka2,” with a production capacity of 300,000 m3 a day.

The plant is due to improve drinking water supply for the habitants of western Algiers and the provinces of Tipaza and Blida.

The seawater desalination plant projects are part of the development plan initiated by the president of the Republic for the period of 2022-2024, to ensure 65% of the country’s drinking water needs by 2030.

The head of State expressed satisfaction with the achievements made so far in the drinking water supply, through Algerian executives, saying he was proud of what had been achieved by Algerian companies in the field.

The president of the Republic said all regions of the country should benefit from the supplementary programme to the emergency plan on the building of seawater desalination plants, mentioning the possibility of building a desalination plant in the province of Tizi-Ouzou.

The goal is to reach 80% of drinking water supply coming from seawater desalination plants in the future, in order to preserve groundwater, according to the president.

In Algiers, President Tebboune laid the foundation stone for 14,442 housing units under AADL Programme.

He expressed satisfaction with the pace of both the execution and the distribution of housing units in Algeria.

The president of the Republic said slums had been eradicated, mainly in Algiers, commending the completion of new cities, such as those of Bouinan and Sidi Abdallah.

He also expressed pride for the building of housing units exclusively by Algerian executives and workers, with the use of local construction materials.

President Tebboune also inaugurated a hospital of severe burns in Zeralda, stretching over an area of 27,000 m² with a capacity of 144 beds.

The hospital, equipped with modern and high quality medical equipment, includes specialized services, such as the anesthesia and resuscitation service (20 beds), the service of cosmetic and restorative surgery for adults (80 beds) and the service of cosmetic and restorative surgery for children (40 beds), which makes it the largest hospital specialized in treating severe burns in Algeria.

The president of the Republic said the State does not skimp on means to provide the best healthcare for citizens, stressing the need for health services to meet the international standards.

He ended his visit by laying the foundation stone of the Dzair Media City project in Ouled Fayet, Algiers, which will host key media players and activities to promote the image of Algeria.

The project also provides for a free zone to house the platforms of international social media operators, who will use this gateway to deliver their content to Africa, MENA region and Europe.

The president of the Republic ordered to speed up the completion of the huge media building within the time limit (27 months) and to equip it with the required facilities to provide various services, with the use of renewable energy.