ALGIERS – Sunday, 03 December 2023 (APS) – President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune chaired Sunday, at the International Centre of Conferences (CIC), the awarding ceremony of the President Award for Professional Journalist in its 9th edition.

The themes retained for this edition are: “The new Algeria and the issue of food and water security,” “The new Algeria: Strengthening youth’s capacities and creativity” and “the energy security and its geopolitical dimensions.”

In the category of written press, the first prize went to journalist Samia Boulaloua of El Hiwar newspaper, the second prize to the journalist Assia Boucetta from Horizons newspaper and the third prize was given to the journalist Lamia Harzelaoui from Al Fadjr paper.

For the audiovisual media, the first prize was awarded to journalist Sofiane Meknine, the second to journalist Amar Helas and the third prize went to the journalist Nadira Araou from the public establishment of Television (EPTV).

 In the radio media category, the journalists Ikram Tchetioui and Mohamed Amine Bedri from the National Radio won the first prize, while the second went to the journalist Imane Djama from the Radio of Mila and the third prize was awarded to the journalist Nora Saihi from Radio Channel II.

In the electronic press category, the first prize was awarded to the journalists Ali Guettaf and Bachir Bounoua from the electronic newspaper “Chebab TV,” while the second went to Ahmed Kecita from the electronic newspaper “La Patrie News” and the third prize to the journalist Abdelhakim Belghit from Algeria Press Service (APS).

On this occasion, the chairman of the jury of the 9th edition of the President of the Republic’s Award for Professional Journalist, Belkacem Ahcene Djaballah, and the members of the jury were honored.