ALGIERS – Tuesday, 29 November 2022 (APS) – Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning, Brahim Merad, emphasized, Tuesday in Algiers, the “great importance” given by President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune to local authorities, stressing that “Algeria is progressing” in terms of true democracy to ensure good governance and sustainable development.

While chairing the opening of the seminar closing associative projects carried out under the program of capacity building of local development actors “CapDel,” Merad said that “President Tebboune expresses, in every occasion, his great interest in local communities, as evidenced by the launch of a workshop to amend the municipal and provincial codes that aims to achieve a balance between powers, to define the prerogatives of all stakeholders, and to support participatory democracy at the local level, which will help to boost a real dynamic development, especially in the economic field.

Algeria “is progressing steadily in terms of true democracy and openness to civil society to achieve good governance and sustainable development, adopting a participatory approach and consultation at all levels, in accordance with constitutional principles,” he said.

“The development approach does not marginalize or exclude any citizen, regardless of his or her socio-economic status, anywhere in the country,” he said.

This approach requires the establishment of permanent mechanisms for dialogue and joint action between local authorities, the population and its representatives, and local civil society, as well as the rehabilitation of the method of strategic development planning that puts forward the foundations and potential of local regions, to provide added value to the population, through the creation of wealth and jobs and the upgrading of basic structures and public services, added the source.