ALGIERS – Monday, 01 August 2022 (APS) – The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed that Algeria aimed to play a significant role in Africa, mainly through the settlement of certain shortcomings and the launch of several important African integration projects.

“Algeria must play a key role in Africa and not stay away from the continent,” underlined President Tebboune at his periodic meeting with the national press, broadcast on Sunday evening on TV and radio channels.

“Algeria is African by virtue of its destiny and its extension. The unification of Africa depends on the steps taken by African countries,” he said.

President Tebboune referred to projects launched with African countries, such as the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline (TSGP) project to transport Nigerian gas to Europe via Niger and then Algeria, calling it “a major African project.”  

According to the head of state, Algeria seeks to supply Africa with electricity and launch railway projects linking African countries to the Mediterranean basin.

Our country is also working to make up for the delay in transport lines to African countries, assured President Tebboune, who stressed the importance of the shipping line to Senegal, which Algeria not only opened sixty years after its independence.

The President of the Republic hailed the orientation of Algerian businessmen towards Africa, affirming that “the economy is now under control.” 

As for energy and oil exploration, he underlined that certain oil deposits were experiencing low production levels, that is, “that there was a lack of real willingness to carry out explorations or that some parties wanted to tumble Algeria.”

“It is not impossible that such things are hatched,” he lamented.

“Thanks to the patriotic spirit and the will of the workers of Sonatrach, from the highest executive to the simplest worker, Algeria has been able to restore its energy capacities. I hail their efforts,” said the head of state. 

In addition, “major discoveries are looming in the future, especially in the region of Khenchela, in addition to even offshore explorations,” he said

Regarding Algeria’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency, President Tebboune considered that Algeria managed to achieve it in certain materials such as durum wheat and barley, stressing that no country in the world achieved complete self-sufficiency.

Two main factors have hindered the revival of agriculture in Algeria, namely the vision of society vis-à-vis agriculture as a social profession and not a productive and efficient activity, technical backwardness, and some harmful production methods stressed the head of state.