ALGIERS – Saturday, 19 August 2023 (APS) – President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, has sent a message on the eve of the celebration of the National Mujaheed Day, commemorating the double anniversary of the North Constantine Offensive and the Soummam Congress (20 August 1955 and 1956). Below is the full text translated by APS:


“In the name of God, Compassionate and Merciful,

Prayer and peace be upon his Messenger,

My fellow citizens,

There are events that testify to the immense sacrifices made during the Glorious War of National Liberation, events that constitute an opportunity for us to remember the greatness of Algeria, the determination of its free people and its pre-eminence, as well as to mark these historic events, embodying the bravery of a nation that wrote, in letters of blood, one of the greatest epics of contemporary history, by triumphing over the unjust and defeated colonial forces.

As we commemorate today the 68th anniversary of the North Constantine Offensive (1955) and the 67th anniversary of the Soummam Congress (1956), we are reminded once again, in the land of struggle, the citadel of freedom, of the pride we feel in belonging to a homeland strengthened by the sacrifices of its Shuhadas, who bequeathed to future generations, loyalty to the principles of the timeless November Declaration and to the virtues enshrining national conscience, calling on them to be jealous of this country that fought so hard to free itself from the colonial yoke. A country that recovered its freedom at the cost of dear and sacred blood.

Fellow citizens,

We live today in a sovereign Algeria, thanks to the loyalty of this generous blood, which inspires us to preserve our beloved Algeria as a protected and respected national State, strong in its constitutional institutions, in the unity of its people and in the conscience and ambition of its youth.

The faith in victory that inspired the Symbole shahid Zigoud Youcef and his fellow soldiers, leading them in the North Constantine Offensive on 20 August 1955, is the same faith that inspired the leaders of the Revolution, in the midst of the armed struggle, to hold the Soummam Congress in order to lay the political and military organizational foundations of the Revolution…

A faith from which we draw, at a time when all of us are working towards building the new Algeria, confidence in the Nation’s capacities, which strengthen our will to achieve, through combined efforts and dedicated work, the progress we have made in the fields of sustainable development.

These are assets that contribute to the strengthening of social achievements and the preservation of the dignity of the citizen, and thanks to which our country is making giant strides to widen our strategic partnerships worldwide in order to instil an economic dynamic that attracts investment, and to confirm Algeria’s strong presence and influence at both regional and international level.

As we celebrate the double anniversary of the North Constantine offensive and the Soummam Congress, we remain convinced, inspired by faith in the oath of the Shuhadas and aware of Algeria’s assets and the factors of its renaissance, to achieve further progress in our country, which will be able to make its voice heard and strengthen its position, so that it can continue to fulfil its leading role in the region and in the world. A role determined by the Algerian people’s attachment to pride, sovereignty and development, and by the legacy of the valiant shuhadas

On this occasion, we pay tribute to their memory and send our distinguished greetings and all our esteem and consideration to their mujahideen brothers, praying to Allah to grant them long life, health and well-being.

Long live Algeria.

Glory to our valiant martyrs.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.