ALGIERS – Monday, 11 September 2023 (APS) – The president of the Italian Council of State, Luigi Maruotti, emphasised Monday, in Algiers, the strength of Algerian-Italian relations that are based on mutual respect.

In an address at a meeting on the closure of institutional twinning project between the ministry of Relations with Parliament and the Italian Council of State, held at Abdellatif Rehal International Conference Centre, in the presence of members of the government and State officials, Maruotti stressed the strength of relations between Algeria and Italy, distinguished by a high level of cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

The Italian diplomat put forward the nature of those relations, based on “mutual respect” and “Algeria’s role in terms of stability in the region.”

Speaking on the same occasion, the Italian ambassador to Algiers, Giovani Pugliese, said that “for Italy, Algeria is a pillar of stability in the region and security in North Africa and the Sahel.”

The ambassador underlined “the origin of cooperation between the two countries, which is itself a motivation for the achievement of a future vision, the goal being the Mediterranean integration.

“Algeria can count on Italy and its role within the European Union (EU), which has with Algeria partnership relations.”

Pugliese described economic cooperation between the two countries as “strong” and diversified, relating to several fields such as the car industry.