ALGIERS – Wednesday, 13 September 2023 (APS) – The minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohamed Abdelhafid Henni, said Wednesday in Algiers that olive growing is experiencing a qualitative leap requiring an increase in the production capacity and the improvement of the transformation mechanisms, considering the domestic consumption needs and export opportunities.

At the opening of the national conference on the development plan and the protection of olive growing industry, organized by the National Institute for Agronomic Research, Henni said that “despite the qualitative leap in the development of olive growing and self-sufficiency, there is still a need for strengthening production capacity and agri-food processing, considering the domestic consumption needs and export opportunities.”

“Olive growing is one of the main agricultural fields in our country, in terms of quantity and quality, which has earned Algeria the fourth position worldwide in table oil production and the seventh in olive oil production.”

Olive growing, according to the minister, accounts for 45% of the land used for fruit growing in Algeria, taking the lead at the national level with production capacities available nationwide.