ALGIERS – Tuesday, 01 August 2023 (APS) – Algeria reiterated on Tuesday its “deep attachment” to the return to constitutional order in Niger and its “support” for Mohamed Bazoum as “legitimate President”, warning against any intentions of foreign military intervention, says a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad.

“Algeria reiterates its deep attachment to the return of constitutional order in Niger and respect for the requirements of the rule of law. The Algerian government reaffirms its support for Mohamed Bazoum as the legitimate President of the Republic of Niger,” said the source.

“The return to constitutional order must imperatively be achieved through peaceful ways, which will spare brotherly Niger and the region as a whole further insecurity and instability, and our peoples from further adversity and hardship,” said the source.

“Consequently, Algeria warns and calls for prudence and restraint in the face of intentions for foreign military intervention, which are unfortunately considered to be conceivable and usable options, whereas they are merely factors in complicating and aggravating the current crisis”,  concluded the source.