ALGIERS – Wednesday, 28 September 2022 (APS) – The minister of Tourism and Craft Industry, Yacine Hamadi, stressed Tuesday the need for a new approach for Tourism focusing on the draws for tourists, in addition to the development of domestic tourism.

“Tourism is a legitimate right of Algerian citizens in the New Algeria,” Hamadi said at a meeting celebrating the World Tourism Day under the slogan “New Concept for Tourism,” underlining the “importance of starting a new reflection on tourism in Algeria considering its different potentials, in addition to meeting all the relevant challenges.”

Mentioning the summer season 2022, the minister said it was successful given the significant tourist activity during that period, in addition to the government’s efforts to achieve the goals set in the president of the Republic’s programme for the revival of the tourist industry.”

According to the minister, the sector’s accommodation capacity has been increased, with 58 new hotels in coastal towns and villages, with a capacity of 7,022 new beds, making it possible to reach 97,000 beds in 14 coastal provinces.