ALGIERS – Thursday, 13 July 2023 (APS) – The acquisition by the People’s National Army of power factors is intended to defend our national sovereignty, El-Djeich magazine said in its July’s issue.


In this regard, it underlined that “continuing on the path of development and acquisition of the factors of power, as pursued by the valiant army, is intended to defend our national sovereignty, which is a top priority.”

“This is linked, as explained by the President of the Republic, to the attempts to destabilize security led by our neighbourhood, plotted by contentious foreign agendas seeking to appropriate the resources, notably energy ones,  to the detriment of the security of the peoples of our region,” said the source.

In this sense, the source underlined that the National Army “makes sure to be in line with these security and military developments and thereby make the most of the material and human potentials it possesses, in order to achieve a complete security of our national borders and preserve our national independence from any attempt targeting it.”

“He who thinks that Algeria of Chouhada and deeply rooted principles seeks, through the development of its defensive capacities, to threaten or attack anyone, is wrong,” warned El Djeich, adding that “on the contrary, it makes sure to preserve the ties of good neighbourliness it has with its immediate environment, as it seeks to make cooperation with several countries in the field of security in order to achieve joint objectives, as part of the policy of non-interference in the States’ domestic affairs.”