ALGIERS – Wednesday, 06 December 2023 (APS) – Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laagab, received on Tuesday the Executive Director of ARABSAT, Al-Hamedi Bin Manahi Bin Fahad Al-Anezi and his accompanying delegation, according to a statement from the ministry.

At this meeting, Laagab highlighted “the State’s policy and the Ministry’s strategy to diversify media partnerships between the various broadcasting institutions and to seek, as a matter of urgency, broader resources to strengthen Algeria’s presence on the global broadcasting system.”

The Minister also took the opportunity to express “Algeria’s willingness to develop relations with ARABSAT, particularly in terms of training, which is provided for in the new information law to guarantee quality training for journalists and professionals and to keep pace with modern technological and technical developments in the information and communication sector.”

Laagab discussed the “new achievements of the law on the audio-visual sector for TV channels, paving the way for the creation of other TV channels in the future,” noting that the state-owned broadcasting company (TDA) was the “only body entitled to sign partnership agreements and to monitor the technical aspects with ARABSAT and others.”

For his part, the CEO of ARABSAT gave “a detailed presentation of his institution’s strengths and the services it offers to all its operators, including Algeria, which is at the forefront of its strategies.”

In this regard, Al-Anezi said he welcomed “all ideas likely to develop and strengthen relations with Algeria,” expressing his appreciation of Algeria’s “cultural and tourist diversity and the immense opportunities it offers, while expressing the need to “to give Algeria its rightful place in the broadcasting system by transmitting its image throughout the world, especially as ARABSAT has 10 satellites and guarantees complete coverage of Africa, Europe, America and Asia.”

The two parties agreed on the “need to promote cooperative relations between Algeria and ARABSAT to broader horizons,” while “providing a quality media service and relevant media content.”

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Communication and was attended by “representatives of TDA, ministry officials and the two Directors General of National Radio and Television.”