ALGIERS – Sunday, 24 December 2023 (APS) – The industrial companies coming under the People’s National Army succeeded in the strengthening of the Algerian industrial fabric, after extending their scope of interest to the needs of the Army and the local market in general, hailed by the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune during the inauguration of the 31st Algerian Production Exhibition (FPA), which wrapped up Saturday at the Palace of Exhibitions.

During the inauguration of FPA, on 14 December 2023, the President of the Republic visited the stands of several military companies leaders in the industrial and technological fields, where he listened to a presentation on the production capacities of this industry which succeeded in producing engines and spare parts, contributing to the strengthening of the Algerian industrial fabric.

In a statement to APS, the Lieutenant Colonel representing the Establishment of Automotive Industry Development in Tiaret emphasized the achievements of this economic company coming under the People’s National Army, specialized in the conception, development, production, marketing and after-sale services for trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, utility cars, multifunctional vehicles, buses and personal transport vehicles.

The company markets its products under the brands “Mercedes-Benz” and the National Company of Industrial Vehicles (SNVI), he said, adding that his participation to the Exhibition aimed to present to the visitors the novelties of 2023, such as ambulances, mobile dental clinic, camping-car, food-truck, 4×4 vehicle and the VIP transport vehicle.

He underscored that most of the equipment in these vehicles “is manufactured locally,” noting that the company is working to annually introduce new products and lift the integration rate, in cooperation with different operators as part of subcontracting, with a view to “contributing to the Algerian industrial base, reducing the import bill and bringing about jobs.”

For his part, the captain representing the Complex for the Development of the Mechanical Industry said to Algeria Press Service that the company provides, through its subsidiaries, the manufacturing of different mechanical parts requested by the public and private sectors.

The Complex has 8 subsidiaries with complementary activities and a training institute in the manufacturing of mechanical parts and vehicle and engine technology.

Among them, the Algerian company manufacturing special vehicles Rheinmetall-Algeria, the Rouiba Foundry, the Tiaret Foundries, Ain Smara (Constantine) and Rouiba (Algiers) mechanical industry companies and the company specializing in the production of air-cooled engines.