ALGIERS – Monday, 20 November 2023 (APS) – Prime Minister Nadir Larbaoui emphasized Monday, at the International Convention Centre (CIC) “Abdelatif Rahal” in Algiers, the main lines of the constitutional and legislative reforms carried out, for more than three years, by the President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, reforms mainly aimed at enshrining the rule of law.

Chairing the opening of the works of the African Judicial Dialogue, in his capacity as representative of the President of the Republic, the Prime minister emphasized “the important measures aimed to strengthen the guarantees related to the respect of human and peoples’ rights, stipulated by the Algerian Constitution, initiated by the President of the Republic in 2020.”

In this respect, he cited “the enshrinement of the principle of the legal security, the generalization of the principle of the double degree of jurisdiction and the broadening of the scope of the exception of unconstitutionality to include regulation.”

This enabled, he added, “conducting an overall reform of the legislative and institutional system concerned by the human rights, and directing it towards the contribution to the achievement of a development centered on citizens.”

“This process required giving a particular attention to the overall reform of justice and the strengthening of its independence, as a main pillar to consolidate the national building process towards the judicial governance and the humanization of the judicial action, through notably a deep reform of the High Council of Magistrates (CSM) which enabled enshrining its full independence and the effective implementation of its exclusive prerogatives in the management of the magistrates’ career,” added the Prime minister.

This workshop “will culminate in the promulgation of new magistracy status which will strengthen the independence of magistrates, will protect them from any exterior influence and ensure the improvement of their socio-professional situation,” affirmed Larbaoui.

Larbaoui underlined “Algeria’s commitment to introducing, in its national legislative system, all the international standards related to human rights,” adding that “the Constitution of 2020 has enshrined this orientation.”