ALGIERS – Saturday, 15 April 2023 (APS) – President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune sent on Saturday a message on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Knowledge (April 16) in which he affirmed that it is essential to acquire sciences and knowledge and to create all the necessary conditions for the success of pupils and students.


“In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent,

  Prayers and Peace be upon His Prophet,

We are celebrating the Day of knowledge during which we remember the path of Sheikh Abdelhamid Benbadis as a symbolic historical station, in recognition to the Men of the nation, including Ulemas, intellectuals and innovators.

On this occasion, we reaffirm once again that we must acquire the powerful tools inherent to sciences and knowledge and we reiterate the commitment to creating all the conditions for the success of millions of pupils in the three education cycles (over 11 millions),  1,700,000 students and the trainees of the vocational and training education centres (over 500,000), taking up, thereby, the challenge with this growing number of our children, in order to make the change with this promising generation.

In this respect, we have worked on supporting schooling through scholarships, catering, transport and school health.

I always reiterate my respect for the message of the teachers and educators and I recommend listening to them because they have the responsibility of inculcating young people with the spirit of citizenship and patriotism.

We have also increased the budget allocated to higher education and scientific research and insisted on the necessity of developing an ambitious and motivating legislative framework for the scientific research, innovation and startup creation, in addition to the creation of universities, higher schools and centres of excellence in exact sciences and technology.

This Day is an opportunity to hail the efforts of teachers, professors and educators. I extend my greetings and the expression of my highest consideration to Sheikhs and Imams of Zawiyas, throughout the national territory, who are following the path of their valiant predecessors.

Glory to our martyrs

Long live Algeria

May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon you.”