ALGIERS – Sunday, 05 November 2023 (APS) – The Minister of Justice, Abderrachid Tabi, stressed on Saturday in Algiers the need to continue working to restore citizens’ confidence in the justice system, by improving the quality of the public judicial service provided to them.

Addressing the participants, Tabi urged “further efforts to restore the confidence of citizens and guarantee judicial security for society, which depends on “paying particular attention to the moralization of judicial action, guaranteeing the quality of judgments and rulings handed down by tribunals and courts, and ensuring the enforcement of judgments and the improvement of the quality of the judicial public service provided to citizens.”

He also highlighted the “key role” of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, whose renewal “will give fresh impetus to performance through guidance, support and firm action against the violations and practices that damage the reputation of the judiciary.”

In this respect, the Minister underlined the “correlation” between the Supreme Council of Magistrates, the National Union of Magistrates and the General Inspectorate at the Ministry of Justice as an administrative body, with a view to refining practices and respecting the obligations imposed by the magistrate’s place in society, while adhering to the duty of reserve and ensuring respect for professional ethics.”

As for State policy in social reintegration, Tabi recalled the “crucial importance” attached by the State to social reintegration programs for prisoners, working to “raise their level of education and develop their skills and qualifications.”