ORAN – Wednesday, 13 December 2023 (APS) – The international event “Arabic Language Week” was launched Tuesday in Oran, commemorating the World Arabic Language Day, annually celebrated on 18 December.

In a video conference, the president of the High Council of the Arabic Language Salah Belaid stressed that his body will organize, on this occasion, a distinguished ceremony entitled “Arabic, a Language of Poetry and Arts.”

He also underscored that the High Council of the Arabic Language is always determined to continue the process of commemorating the International Day of the Arabic Language and the arts of language, which are countless.

Belaid said that these arts are closely related to one another and that the Arabic language, with its linguistic corpus, is enriched by the Holy Quran.

On this occasion, he talked about the sufferings of the Palestinian people following the heinous crimes committed by the Zionist entity, since last October, emphasizing his support to the just Palestinian cause and that “Al-Quds is always in our hearts.”

The event includes the presentation of a series of conferences on several topics, particularly “the Arabic language in the context of information culture,” “linguistic economy,” “a vision and strategy to bolster the Arabic language’s standing in international organizations,” “the applications of artificial intelligence and its role in improving learning skills,” “the role of audiovisual teaching materials in teaching Arabic,” and “the Arabic language in the West.”