ALGIERS – Monday, 22 May 2023 (APS) – The works of the international conference commemorating the 75th  anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba began Monday at Abdelatif-Rahal International Convention Centre in Algiers, under the theme “The Nakba, Ongoing Crime, the Return is a Right,” with the participation of members of the government, Palestinian figures and representatives of various Palestinian factions, in addition to national and international organisations.

The agenda of the conference organized by the ministry of Mujahideen and Rights Holders, in collaboration with the ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad with the participation of the embassy of Palestine in Algeria, will focus on the suffering of the Palestinian people since the violation and judaization of their lands and the attacks against their properties and the symbols of their identity.

The themes of the lectures to be presented are “the international plot to Judaize Palestine,” “the Nakba and its ills,” “Palestine in the memory of the Algerian people” and “Arabs, reconciliation and the Question of Palestine.”

The event’s organizers want to shed light on the international complicity in the creation of the Zionist entity and the Palestinian Nakba, and to denounce the crimes committed by the Zionist entity in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The event is also aimed to reiterate the immovable positions of the Algerian government and people, their support to the Palestinian people and their just cause, and to stress the need for Arab and Palestinian reconciliation and unity.

The meeting’s programme also includes lectures to be presented by Algerian and Palestinian teachers on “the spiritual links between Algeria and Palestine,” “the Palestinian refugee issue in the balance of international justice” and “Algeria and the Question of Palestine, the historical path and today’s challenges.”