ALGIERS – Thursday, 21 December 2023 (APS) – The Algerian Chemical Specialities (ACS) Holding signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday in Algiers with the Senegalese group “Procurement Management Consulting Engineering (PMCE)” to market its products in Senegal and neighbouring countries.

The agreement was signed by ACS CEO Samir Yahiaoui and the Senegalese group’s CEO, Babacar Dieye, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, the President of the National Union of Public Contractors (UNEP), Charaf-Eddine Amara, and Senegal’s Ambassador to Algeria, Serigne Dieye.

Under the terms of the agreement, the PMCE Group will market the products of ACS Holding subsidiaries, such as glass, abrasive materials, rubber, plastics, medical equipment, personal hygiene products, paint and varnish, in Senegal and several neighbouring countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritania, Mali and Benin, according to explanations given at the signing ceremony.

The agreement also provides for the creation of production units for certain products, such as paint and detergents in Senegal by the end of 2024, in partnership with one of the Group’s branches (PMCE).

Speaking on the occasion, Yahiaoui stressed the importance of this agreement, which will enable the products of ACS branches to access African markets, boosting Algeria’s non-hydrocarbon imports next year.

The signing of this agreement follows strong demand for the ACS’s products at permanent exhibitions in Senegal and Mauritania, paving the way to potential partnerships for regular marketing.

For his part, Dieye stated that the agreement was part of a drive to enhance cooperative relations between Algeria and Senegal and strengthen bilateral trade, stressing that “the agreement is not just about setting up mechanisms to establish profitable commercial relations with the Algerian side, as much as it is about adding value.”

The President of UNEP considered this partnership to be a good model for Algerian companies in general, and public sector companies in particular, affirming the public sector’s export capacities and its ability to invest in international markets and create international added value.

Senegal’s ambassador to Algiers stressed the need to intensify partnerships of this kind to achieve economic complementarity between Algeria and Senegal, in line with the guidelines set by the leaders of the two countries.