ALGIERS – Saturday, 07 May 2022 (APS) – The minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab said Saturday that Algeria was in a position to play a key role in the production of hydrogen at the regional level.

In an opening address at the 26th Day of Energy, Arkab said “the first data show that Algeria has great potential, making it possible for it to play a major role in this field in the region,” citing its “huge potential of solar energy, extensive and integrated networks for the transmission of electricity and gas, considerable water reserves and significant research and development capacity.”

Algeria has “great strengths and competitive advantage,” allowing it to occupy a prominent place to invest in the hydrogen industry,” the minister said, mentioning the available natural gas resources required for the production of blue hydrogen.

Produced from gas with carbon sequestration, blue hydrogen is “important” in the short and medium term for the development of green hydrogen (produced from renewable energies), with “high economic efficiency and feasibility.”

Algeria also has a strategic position and the required port and infrastructures for gas transport to meet local, regional and global demand of hydrogen, in addition to a long experience in relevant technologies, with technical expertise and design capabilities to locally manufacture hydrogen production equipment.