ALGIERS – Tuesday, 07 February 2023 (APS) – Algerian Civil Protection sent Monday a first rescue team to Turkey, by order of the President Abdelmadjid, to help in the rescue operations following the devastating earthquake that hit the country’s southeastern region.

The Civil Protection group that left from the air base of Boufarik, Blida, is made up of “an internationally recognized 89-member team specialized in rescue operations and management of major risks.”

The group is divided into various teams, including “the search and rescue team, the EDD team and a specialized medical team,” in addition to a logistics team carrying 17 tonnes of equipment so as to fulfil this “noble” mission “in the best conditions,” the director of Statistics at the Civil Protection Directorate General, Farouk Achour, said.

The official noted that the Civil Protection group “have considerable expertise and a high-level of professionalism.”