ALGIERS – Wednesday, 21 December 2022 (APS) – Algeria has been ranked first globally for the number of activities organized in the field of entrepreneurship in 2022, said the Global Entrepreneurship Network.


According to the ranking of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Algeria organized the biggest number of events compared to other countries in 2022, notably during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, held in November, with 2,187 activities.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Minister of the Knowledge Economy, Startups and Micro-enterprises underscored that this ranking “is the result of the entrepreneurial and innovation dynamic that Algeria is experiencing,” adding that training sessions for the benefit of 110,000 students were organized by the public startup accelerator “Algeria-Venture” in the past few weeks in the country’s different universities.

The students organized, in their turn, regional training programmes and sessions on the concepts of entrepreneurship and liberation of creative energies.

Through these initiatives, the Ministry of the Knowledge Economy aims to “consolidate the spirit of initiative, encourage young scientific elites and also promote the mechanisms and incentives for holders of innovative projects and startup developers,” according to the source.