ALGIERS – Sunday, 08 May 2022 (APS) – President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Saturday that the massacres of 8 May 1945 were a turning point in the history of the nation, stressing that the commitment to the History and Memory issue emanated from the State’s responsibility toward its historical capital.

“Our commitment to the History and Memory issue emanated from those glorious pages and State’s responsibility towards its historical capital, being one of the foundations of the Algerian national identity.”

“It is an essential foundation for building the present and anticipating the future on the bases and principles of the eternal message of November,” President Tebboune wrote in a message on the occasion of the National Day of Memory, marking the massacres of 8 May 1945.

“This commitment is not the subject of a bidding war or a bargain” but meant to “preserve our memory” and “handle the memory and history issue with probity and objectivity with a view to establishing trust and laying the foundations for lasting and fruitful cooperation, to ensure the interests of the two countries (Algeria-France) in mutual respect.”

Hence the need to “close ranks to handle, with the required efficiency and speed, our socio-economic situation, interact with the outside world and cope with the successive tensions and fluctuations with a united internal front able to consolidate the position of Algeria in the context of the new world equilibrium,” the president of the Republic said in his message.