MILA – Sunday, 20 August 2023 (APS) – The celebration of National Mujahid Day is “an evocation of the sacred heritage of the mujahideen and the men who shaped and led the glorious November Revolution”, said Laïd Rebiga, Minister of Moudjahidine and Rightsholders, in Mila on Sunday.

Speaking at the Mujahid Slimane-Bentobbal Museum on the occasion of the official celebrations marking the 68th anniversary of the Attack in Northern Constantine (1955) and the 67th anniversary of the Soummam Congress (1956), the Minister said that this historic day “evokes the sacred heritage of the mujahideen, like of one of its symbols, the mujahid Slimane Bentobal, whose death we commemorate today on the 13th anniversary.”

Rebiga, who had begun his visit to Mila by laying a wreath of flowers at the martyrs’ cemetery in memory of the Shuhada, and paying his respects to their memory on the occasion of the National Day of the Mujahid, celebrated this year under the slogan “The Mujahid, Glory and Loyalty to the Oath,” said that this celebration “boosts future generations and prepares them to block all hostile attempts to undermine national sovereignty and the institutions of the State.”

Rebiga stated that “progress and development can only be achieved by relying on these pillars, which will ensure the continuation of the construction phase and reinforce the advances of the new Algeria.”

Pillars that will enable the Algeria of today “to be worthy of the aspirations of the November 1954 generation, illustrated by the commitments of the President of the Republic, thanks to which Algeria has regained its international aura”.

According to the Minister, “Algeria has been and will continue to be the torch-bearer of the defenders of oppressed peoples fighting to enjoy their full rights and defend their sovereignty.”

Referring to the Attack in Northern Constantine and the Soummam Congress, the Minister stressed that “these landmark events in our country’s history are among the most important milestones of the Revolution.”

“This Revolution demonstrated the genius of the men who thought it up and led it, at the cost of heavy sacrifices,” he continued.

The Minister also honoured figures of the revolutionary family, led by members of the family of the late Mujahid Slimane Bentobbal.

The Minister was to continue his tour of Mila by visiting a stele commemorating the Attack in Northern Constantine in the commune of Hamala, followed by a visit to the building in Bordj Zeghaia that served as a torture center during the War of National Liberation.