ALGIERS – Thursday, 19 October 2023 (APS) – The Speaker of the People’s National Assembly, Brahim Boughali, stressed Wednesday, in Baghdad, Algeria’s unchanging position on the Palestinian cause, affirming that “the escalation in the region is due to the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories,” the Lower House said in a statement.

During the 35th extraordinary Conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, Boughali emphasized the need for participants to condemn the dangerous violations the Palestinian people are suffering from by the Zionist occupier, reminding that Algeria “has never ceased to underscore that the escalation in the region is due to the Zionist occupation”.

“As the International community is turning a blind eye on the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, particularly the establishment of an independent State with the holy Al-Quds as its capital, and its continued double standards policy in implementing the resolutions of the Security Council regarding war crimes and crimes against the humanity committed by the Zionist occupier”, Boughali urged the Arab States to take a “clear and brave” stance to show their solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people.

The Lower House’s Speaker mentioned the legal and moral responsibility of the Security Council and the International community towards the Palestinian people, calling for “just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause to establish a lasting peace in the region based on the resolutions of the Security Council, particularly the 242 resolution, the two-State solution and the Arab Peace Initiative”.

Boughali also stressed Algeria’s “boundless and absolute” solidarity with the Palestinian people and its “strong condemnation of the criminal attacks against it,” recalling “Algeria’s urgent demand for an immediate intervention by organizations and international bodies to protect the Palestinian civilians from the Zionist aggression”.

In this regard, he recalled the initiative of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, aiming at the unification of the Palestinian ranks, and through which “he urged the Palestinian brothers to join in, to remove any potential pretext and bolster the Palestinian rank against the barbaric Zionist aggression that considers all factions alike, targeting Palestine as a whole, nation, people, and history.”