ALGIERS – Tuesday, 10 October 2023 (APS) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf received on Monday the Palestinian Minister of Solidarity and Social Development, Ahmad Majdalani, on a visit to Algeria, with whom he discussed the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, against the backdrop of the continuing Zionist violence against the Gaza Strip.

In a statement to the press following his meeting with Attaf, the Palestinian Minister denounced the international silence in the face of the abject violence being waged by the Zionist occupation, which he described as seeking to “reshape the region.”

“Peace in the region and normalization cannot be an alternative to Palestinian peace,” he said, stressing that the Zionist entity “will not enjoy stability as long as it resorts to force, which provokes an even stronger reaction.”

“Those who want change will have to change their policy”, he observed.

The Palestinian minister hailed the resistance of the Palestinian people, who “remain on their feet in support of the people of Gaza.”

He also praised Algeria’s “clear and supportive” stance towards the Palestinian cause.