ALGIERS – Monday, 03 July 2023 (APS) – The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, said Monday in Algiers that the glorious National Liberation War (1954-1962) rose to the level of a human epic, through the support of foreigners to the struggle of the Algerian people against French colonialism.

In an address at the opening of the constituent general assembly of the International Association of Algerian Revolution Friends, delivered on his behalf by Noureddine Khendoudi, the director general of the Arab Countries Department at the ministry of foreign Affairs, Attaf said ” the free men of the world, whatever their origin, conviction or political affiliation, provided their support to the Algerian people and their Revolution, with a strong belief that it was a revolution against injustice, a revolution based on the principles of justice, liberty and human values.”

“The Algerian Revolution, through the sacrifices of the Algerian people, rose to the level of a humane epic carrying universal values, advocating the respect of human dignity and the right of peoples to self-determination, and calling for justice, liberty, friendship and cooperation, far from the imperialist ideology and the hegemonic, expansionist and arbitrary ambitions.”

“The first generation of the friends of the Revolution represents a pure humanism in its full form,” recalling in this regard that so many of them “were subjected to all kinds of suppression, incarceration and torture because of their positions,” Attaf said.

“Some of them have chosen the independent Algeria as a home country and are still here until this day, others are attending today the creation of the International Association of Algerian Revolution Friends.”