ALGIERS – Monday, 10 July 2023 (APS) – The Arab Sports Culture Union (ASCA) has honored the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, represented by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrahmane Hammad, by electing Algeria “Capital of Arab Sports Culture for the year 2023”, according to a Ministry press release.

“This distinction comes in recognition of the efforts of the President of the Republic in “unifying the Arab ranks by hosting in Algeria important sporting events that enshrine cultural diversity and reflect the Arab identity that Algeria is striving to preserve through the 2023 Arab Sports Games”, said the source.

In a statement to the press on behalf of the Arab Union for Sports Culture and the Board of Directors of the “Capital of Arab Sports Culture” Award, ASCA President Ashraf Mahmoud said he was “honored” to choose Algeria as the Capital of Arab Sports Culture 2023, for the second edition of the award, placed under the patronage of the Secretary General of the League of Arab States.


“The choice of Algeria comes in recognition by this Arab body of Algeria’s efforts in organizing major sporting events such as the Mediterranean Games, the African Championship of Nations for Local Players (CHAN), the African Football Championship for under-17s (U17), as well as the Arab Sports Games, this major sporting event coinciding with Algeria’s celebration of the 61st anniversary of Independence,” he continued.

He also expressed his pleasure at taking part in this ASG edition and accompanying its cultural activities, expressing “his gratitude to the Algerian sports sector for its contribution to Arab and African sport through various events.”

“It is not strange that Algeria should host these major events, given the potential, capacities, and skills it possesses to ensure exemplary organization” of these games, said Ashraf Mahmoud.