ALGIERS – Thursday, 30 November 2023 (APS) – The international conference of Algiers, held under the theme “Justice of the Palestinian People,” kicked off Thursday at the International Conference Centre (CIC) “Abdelatif Rehal,” in Algiers, with the participation of delegations from several countries.

Organized by the National Union of Magistrates (SNM) and the National Union of Lawyers’ Associations (UNOA), this conference will examine the violations by the Zionist entity’s leaders of the international humanitarian law in Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip, as well as ways to bring complaints before the international courts for these unprecedented crimes.

The opening session of this conference will be led by UNOA’s president, the president of the Bar Brahim Tairi, the ambassador of the State of Palestine to Algeria Fayez Abu Aita, the adviser of the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Houri Youcef, the head of the Bar of Jordan, representative of the Arab Lawyers’ Union, the President of the Bar Yahya Abu Abboud, Tunisia’s Bar President Hatem Meziou, SNM’s President Aoudeche Laïdi, Mauritania’s Bar President El Hacen Bouna, lawyer at Lyon’s Bar Gille Devers, as well as Palestinian academician and politician Sami Abu Zuhri.

During the first session, scheduled for the morning, five conferences will be presented on several themes, including “the serious violations of the provisions of the international humanitarian law by the occupation’s leaders in Gaza.”

The second session, scheduled for the afternoon, will focus on several themes, including “trial of perpetrators of genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people, collective duty of lawyers.”

The last sessions will be devoted to the findings of the conference and the presentation of reports of workshops.