ALGIERS – Thursday, 27 October 2022 (APS) – Algeria’s permanent representative at the United Nations, Nadir Larbaoui, said Thursday, in Algiers, that the challenges and the rapid developments worldwide require us to enhance Arab cooperation.

Larbaoui made the statement at the meeting of the senior officials of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League (ESC) on Thursday at Abdellatif Rahal International Conference Centre, in Algiers, ahead of the 31st Arab Summit.

The ESC meeting will “discuss the economic and social issues on the agenda of the Arab Summit, mainly the socioeconomic decisions relating to joint Arab action, as part of the development of a sustainable development plan 2030 in the shadow of the global economic, social and health crisis and the resulting socioeconomic effects, and which impact economic growth in Arab countries, especially in terms of food security, in addition to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Larbaoui said.

“It is necessary to combine efforts to strengthen Arab cooperation in the face of the various challenges while keeping in tune with the rapid developments at the international level.”