ALGIERS – Sunday, 24 April 2022 (APS) – President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune emphasized Saturday Algeria’s key role in the region and in addressing African issues, like Sahel and Libya.


“Algeria’s consultation has become necessary in several issues, to name just the Sahel and Libya,” said President of the Republic in his periodic meeting with the representatives of the national media, explaining how the Mediterranean countries are interested in Algeria’s opinion.

The head of State reiterated Algeria’s position vis-à-vis the Palestinian and Sahrawi causes, “considered as decolonization issues.”

Concerning the Palestinian issues, President Tebboune affirmed that Algeria will continue its initiatives and contacts until leading the Security Council to meet and decide on this issue, which has become “an Algerian principle since the era of late President Houari Boumediene to date.”

As regards Libya, President Tebboune reaffirmed that the solution of the issue is purely “inter-Libya,” underlining that Algeria aligns with the international legality on the Libyan issue.

When questioned about the request made by the Libyans to organize an international conference in Algeria, he said that Algeria, which works for the unification of ranks, will not embark on an initiative likely to create division between the Arab countries.

As regards the Arab Summit, scheduled for November in Algeria, President of the Republic affirmed that all the Arab countries have confirmed their participation, underlining that “Algeria doesn’t have any problems with any Arab country. They are all brotherly countries, and whatever affects them affects us.”

Concerning the relations with Russia, which date back to 60 years, the head of State underlined that Algeria is “a recognized power within the Non-Aligned Movement and will not be committed to issues that do not concern it,” however “that doesn’t prevent us from being friends with Russia as we are friends with the United States, in another way, our relations with China are strong too.”