ALGIERS – Friday, 11 August 2023 (APS) – A memorandum of understanding was signed, in Jakarta, between the Algerian Constitutional Court and its Indonesian counterpart, in order to create a framework of cooperation and exchange of expertise in constitutional justice and law between the two countries, the Court said Friday in a statement.


The document was co-signed by the president of the Constitutional Court Omar Belhadj and the president of the Indonesian Constitutional Court Anwar Usman, on the sidelines of the International Conference of Court Presidents, organized in Jakarta under the theme “Strengthening democracy through Constitutional courts.”

In a speech made at the works of this Conference, entitled “the role of Constitutional Court in promoting democratic principles, past, present and future,” Belhadj pointed out the development of the constitutional justice in Algeria and the milestones achieved in terms of enshrining the democratic governance principles and the rule of law.