ALGIERS – Tuesday, 16 May 2023 (APS) – A memorandum of agreement was signed Monday in Algiers between the Algerian milk and dairy products company “Achir” and the Belgian company “Ninolac International SA,” on the building of the first plant for the production of infant milk and flour in Algeria.

The document was signed by the general manager of the Algerian company “Achir,” Mohamed Cherfaoui, and the Sales Manager of the Belgian company Ninolac International, Gilles Crahay, in the presence of the minister of Industry and pharmaceutical production, Ali Aoun, and the chairman of the Council of the Algerian Economic Renewal (CREA), Kamel Moula.

By virtue of the agreement, an industrial unit will be created in Ain Boucif, province of Medea (90-km southwest of Algiers), with cutting-edge logistics equipment, in collaboration with European partners.

The project will have a “good” integration rate in the production of this vital product and allow a technological transfer in the field, according to the project’s manager.

The manager dubbed the project a “qualitative leap” in the food processing industry, as it is expected to yield profits and have a positive impact on the supply of the national market.