ALGIERS – Thursday, 30 June 2022 (APS) – Algeria has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) to host the celebration of the World Blood Donor Day (June 14) in 2023, the Ministry of Health said Thursday in a statement.


“Algeria will host the celebration of World Blood Donor Day (June 14) in 2023, on the proposal of the President of the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations (IFBDO), Gian Franco Massaro during his visit to Algeria in early June 2022. He inquired closely about the work of the National Blood Agency (ANS) in this field,” said the statement.

The Director-General of WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus expressed “the gratitude of the Organization to the Algerian Government for respecting the principles of this body, its priorities, as well as its contribution to maintaining the issues of safety and availability of blood on the agenda of global health.”

The WHO also stressed that “the celebration of World Blood Donor Day remains an inspiring act of global solidarity,” praising Algeria for “the significant achievement in ensuring adequate and safe supplies of blood and blood products to meet the needs of patients while many countries have faced major challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The celebration of World Blood Donor Day to be hosted in Algeria in 2023 will be an opportunity for it to “strengthen the voluntary non-remunerated blood donation”, as well as an opportunity for all stakeholders “to exchange experiences with their counterparts in different countries of the world.”

The Ministry of Health has expressed “its readiness to ensure the success of this important international event.”