ALGIERS – Thursday, 24 November 2022 (APS) – Algeria partakes in the International Travel Show (TT Warsaw) from November 24 to 26 in Warsaw (Poland), said Wednesday the National Tourism Office in a statement.

“Algeria will partake in this show for the 7th time in order to implement the Algeria destination promotion program at the international level by showcasing investment opportunities,” added the source.

“This event is the largest and most important tourism show in Poland and Eastern Europe. Operators and tourists are particularly interested in this show as Poland is a tourist market that both attracts and exports tourists.”

Moreover, the show is a venue and an opportunity to bring together the various tourism stakeholders, including public tourism bodies (local and foreign), hotel and restaurant companies, tourism and travel agencies, air, land, and sea transport companies, and entertainment and leisure services,” the statement said.

“Algeria’s stand extends over an area of 106m2. The design of the Algerian stand combines modernity and authenticity and highlights Saharan, seaside, and cultural sites.”

“This stand will be provided with equipment to modernize the promotion strategy and give a positive image of Algeria,” said the source.

Furthermore, a team of craftsmen will host workshops throughout the event with the aim of attracting visitors to the stand, and a folklore group of Targuie music (Sahrawi music) will also perform at the stand.”