ALGIERS – Wednesday, 05 October 2022 (APS) – Algeria and the Netherlands have launched a cooperation program to develop the capacities of the Court of Auditors, especially in the field of performance audit.

“This cooperation program aims to consolidate the achievements of the Court of Audit in performance auditing and develop a communication strategy, especially among citizens,” explained the president of this institution, Abdelkader Benmarouf at a press briefing on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on the bilateral cooperation program entitled “Sharaka 2”.

Sealed with the Court of Audit of the Netherlands, the MoU aims to boost the activity of our Court of Audit by developing the performance of judges and national financial auditors in the field of performance audit and institutional communication, he said.

“The Dutch system has several assets and provides innovative audit systems,” said Benmarouf. 

This second time both institutions cooperate. “Sharaka 1” program covered the period from 2017 to 2021.

“This second phase is characterized by field missions by Algerian and Dutch experts to share auditing processes related to environmental auditing and auditing of sustainable development goals,” he stated.

For his part, the Vice President of the Court of Audit of the Netherlands, Ewout Irrgang stressed the importance of developing performance audits and the need to explain it to citizens “because they pay taxes.” 

In addition, this program includes the development of a strategy to release audit reports to inform citizens about the use of public funds, said the Dutch official.

This cooperation program covers five years (2022-2026).