ALGIERS – Monday, 06 November 2023 (APS) – The National Delegate for Child Protection Meriem Cherfi affirmed Monday, in Algiers, Algeria’s constant commitment to protecting the children’s rights against all dangers.

Speaking in a round table on the strengthening of the partnership and coordination between all the stakeholders in the system of justice and child protection in Algeria, organized by the National Body for Child Protection and Promotion (ONPPE) in coordination with the Penal Reform International (PRI), Cherfi emphasized “Algeria’s constant commitment to ensuring the requisite guarantees to protect the children’s rights against the aggression and dangers by mobilizing the essential financial resources and the investment in human resources with the support of all the players.”

Stressing the importance of the contribution of the civil society in terms of accompanying the State’s efforts to protect the rights of this group, Cherfi called to “coordinate efforts for new prospects that enable facing current and future challenges.”

Respecting human rights in general and children’s rights in particular is a deeply-held issue in Algeria, because “this emanates from our values of tolerance and our revolutionary history rich in glories and feats for freedom, human dignity and defense of just causes,” she said.

As regards the situation in the Gaza Strip, Cherfi said that the Zionist aggression is a violation of the international charters and treaties on the rights of children to life.