ALGIERS – Monday, 28 February 2022 (APS) – Algerian authorities are continuously and closely monitoring the situation of our nationals in Ukraine, in the light of the security developments in that country, and all human and material resources are being mobilized to take care of them, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad said Sunday in a statement.

The ministry said it had set up a crisis unit and “mobilized human and material resources to assess the situation of our nationals in Ukraine, where the embassy of Algeria is making the necessary effort to stay in touch with our fellow citizens based in various regions of the country.”

Algeria’s diplomatic apparatus in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries is fully mobilized to provide assistance to our nationals who have managed to reach the border with the neighbouring countries of Ukraine.

As from February 12, the Algerian embassy in Kyiv has urged the members of the national community in Ukraine to exercise caution as the situation is getting worse in that country.

A toll-free number (0800-500068) is being made available to our nationals.

“Our diplomatic missions in Poland and Romania have taken the required moves to facilitate the entry of our nationals from Ukraine,” the ministry said.

“The Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Moldovan authorities have confirmed that foreign residents in Ukraine may enter the four neighbouring countries without a visa, but must have a valid passport.”

The ministry urges the members of the national community wanting to leave Ukraine but have no valid travel documents to contact the embassy of Algeria in Kyiv to issue an emergency passport.

Algerian embassies in Bucharest, Budapest and Warsaw are mobilized to “support our nationals coming from Ukraine,” the statement said.

Several of our fellow citizens are already in those embassies, receiving the appropriate support.

“Practical measures will be taken shortly by our embassies for the repatriation of our nationals from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to Algeria.”