BOUMERDES – Sunday, 03 December 2023 (APS) – Secretary General of the National Union of Algerian Farmers (UNPA), Abdellatif Dilmi, said on Saturday in Boumerdes that Algeria is “able to achieve, within two years, self-sufficiency in various agricultural products, if all the necessary production conditions are met.”

“We are able to achieve self-sufficiency in a variety of agricultural products, particularly those for mass consumption, in just two years, if all the necessary production conditions are met,” said Dilmi in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the ceremony to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the founding of the UNPA, held in Boumerdes.

“Algeria has capacities and resources that can be exploited to boost the agricultural sector and achieve self-sufficiency,” he added citing university graduates and managers, groundwater and the vast fertile lands of the South and the High Plains.

The Secretary General of the UNPA said that, as part of the drive to achieve self-sufficiency, the country was currently focusing on the south, where “a total area of almost 450,000 hectares has been allocated to agricultural investors,” stressing the need to ” attract investors and provide them with all the means of production they need to facilitate their work, particularly in terms of opening up roads and highways and supplying electricity and water.

Dilmi further praised the decisions taken by President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to “encourage farmers to continue their efforts to promote agricultural production,” including in particular “free seed and fertiliser and the deferment of repayment of their loans from 3 to 4 years.”

He called on producers in various agricultural sectors to “redouble their efforts to promote the agricultural sector and achieve self-sufficiency.”

The event, held at the Boumerdes University, was also marked by an exhibition of agricultural products and banking services for the sector, as well as services provided by employment agencies and start-ups.

The event ended with the presentation of approvals to agricultural cooperatives. Farmers and UNPA executives were also honoured on this occasion.